An exploration of the natural world and a passion for design
Samuel Baker knows a thing or two about botany. A designer and creator born with a passion for nature has finally created a collection we can all lose ourselves in.

Discover a curation of faux florals, fragrances and interior ideas which celebrate the seasons and heighten the senses from visuals, textures to scent.

From years of wild trek adventures, woodland discoveries and jungle journeys to deep sea diving, it was only natural that Samuel had to find a way to incorporate his escapades into a world we can all experience with a collection designed to work in your very own habitat.
Bring the outside in
And there is no stopping him, with a focus on experiential installations, beautiful creative scapes and contemporary interiors Samuel is continuously excited with the challenge to bring life into any space, occasion and experience that will leave your jaw on the floor forever more.
It’s all in the detail, Samuel created this installation in the styling for Bargate Homes with warm honey tones to reflect the natural materials used in the interior. These faux wax stems are perfect for adding subtle tones, texture and interest without overdoing it.
The BLOOMS BY SAMUEL BAKER faux floral edit is ever changing, featuring stems for all seasons which means access to so many flower and plant varieties. Samuel encourages you to experiment with organic compositions and explore the variety of natural forms which will have you addicted to floristry.
For shower moments, look no further than the BLOOMS BY SAMUEL BAKER body wash. Available in four aromatic fragrance houses, inspired by age old apothecary. The natural healing power of herbaceous botanicals form the base of the collection. Revitalising, soothing and purifying with an uplifting luxury spa like experience in every one.
Our in-house favourite is Alchemist which contains everything from regenerating neroli essential oil, sweet mandarin and soothing rosemary to nourish the body respectively. Whilst the body lotion is an essential ointment, containing hydrating ingredients to protect and calm the skin.
Try all four fragrance ranges enriched as a collection of scent to boost wellbeing for the home as well as the body. With hand wash and rich hand balm to candles, diffusers and essential oils also available.
A scent to boost wellbeing
Housed in beautiful packaging these make great gifts but we reckon you might just end up keeping it for yourself.