The Copper Overflow Bowl from Oase provides a timeless water feature for your garden. With it’s elegant design and high-quality materials this feature can be arranged into various shapes and combinations to suit your style.

Our new installation here at The Garden Society demonstrates how this product can be designed to create a natural cascading waterfall effect.

Made from 100% real copper, the bowls will produce a natural patina effect overtime, forever evolving with your garden space.

Suitable for any size garden, the reservoir system means there is no need for a pond whilst the LED lighting will transform this feature in the evening.

Oase Water Reservoir ⌀120
Oase Circular Copper Bowl With Large Spillway
Oase Copper Pedestal For Copper Bowls
Oase Large Circular Copper Bowl
Oase Cable Seal Fitting 50cm
Oase LED Ring Light
Aquarius Universal Eco 4000
We are using an Oase Water Reservoir 120.
First you’ll need to connect the hose tail with a jubilee clip to prevent any leaks.
Next screw the feed pipe to the connector at the base of the Circular Copper Bowl With Spillway, ensure a tight fit and don’t cross thread.
Position the LED light ring and secure with the rubber bung.
Thread the power cable through the outlet of the Circular Copper Bowl With Spillway, seal with a rubber cable gland before tightening.
Once you have secured your system you are ready to lift the Large Circular Copper Bowl into position, remember to wear the cotton gloves provided with this product, as this will prevent any oxidised finger marks on the copper surface.
Thread the power cables into the specially designed groves of the reservoir and ensure the Copper Bowl is level, otherwise the flow of water will not be even.
Next, place the Circular Copper Bowl With Large Spillway on the Copper Pedestal and lift into position.
Attach the pipework to the pump, securing it with a jubilee clip.
Now you're ready to fill the reservoir and the Copper Bowls with water.
Dress the top of the reservoir with decorative pebbles of choice, we have
used Scottish Tweed Pebbles for an organic look.

We've added natural specimen plants such as this Tree Fern to dress the final composition of our installation.

Water loving plants such as these Cyperus and Astilbes are used to flank the edges.

Finish with moss to create a natural overgrown effect.