Discover how to revive your home office with the addition of some carefree houseplants all proven to boost your mood and improve productivity!

As we return back to our home offices no matter how big or small, light or dark the space these houseplants will help you transform your workspace. So let us get you motivated for your working week with our home office houseplant guide.

This impressive indoor climber will transform your home office to jungle in no time! If you have a sunny space or a cosy corner the carefree Philodendron will lift spirits either way with its heart shaped leaves. This trailing plant is ideal for growing in hanging pots or climbing moss poles to help keep it under control in small spaces. Care Tip - The Philodendron will need regular moisture so to keep its lush look, give it water when the top layer of compost feels dry. A glass watering globe is an ideal solution for easy maintenance.
Aloe vera
Aloe plants will add impressive structure to your desk space! But its healing benefits go far beyond aesthetic appeal! The Aloe is one of the best indoor plants for purifying the air and filtering harmful pollutants from everyday products such as cosmetics and detergents. Known to improve physical health such as reducing headaches & fatigue we reckon this trusty Aloe would make the perfect work companion. What’s more, these succulents only need watering every couple of weeks which making them super easy to grow - especially if your desk is near a bright window spot, so one less thing to stress about! Care Tip - Grow these succulents in a specialist cactus mix to ensure excellent drainage.
(Peace Lilly)
If your home office doesn’t get a lot of natural light then the Spathiphyllum wallisii (Peace Lilly) will offer the same air purifying benefits as the Aloe vera but without the need for a lot of light to thrive. The Peace Lilly's beautiful white flowers will create a focal interest to complement any space for the perfect work environment. Care Tip - If you make the common mistake of overwatering your plants then do not worry because the Peace Lilly is forgiving. You really can’t go wrong with this stress free plant.
(Air Plant)
These unique plants don’t require soil to grow! Known as air plants their versatility make them ideal for creative space solutions. With a wide range of shape and sizes, some resembling little sea urchins you can easily transform your small office. Try suspending your air plants with some fishing line or use them to decorate on the edge of shelving. Care Tip - Air plants don't need much light, but those on sunnier desks are more likely to grow a flower spike. All you need to do is mist your Tillandsia once a week to keep them hydrated and in good health.
Begonia rex
(Painted Leaf Begonia)
Mix it up with the jewel tones of the Begonia rex plant. Discover this decorative variety with shades of silver, purple, red and green and patterns from speckled, veined to swirly! These demure beauties will certainly brighten your working day! Begonias do fine in low light but will need to keep warm. Make sure to not get the leaves wet when watering. Style Tip - If your living room or kitchen has been transformed into your new home office then create a colourful focal point with a zoned area for your plants. Layer up with shelves and fill your boots with a multitude of joy from this plant!
And...when all else fails, trust the Cactus! The cacti plant is one of the only plants that require very little care. With it’s own water stores this hardy plant will survive even the most deserted desks. Also Cacti love the light so they will sit perfectly on a bright window ledge. Style Tip - Mix it up with textural pots, colourful containers and a selection of varieties to create an eclectic feature. If you are still wondering what plant to put on your desk, send us your questions and we will help you design your workspace!