Explore the amazing natural world in our lifestyle concept store where we combine the art of fish and reptile keeping in a contemporary setting with evolving displays.
In store you will find exotic tropical fish, marine organisms and reptiles as well as stunning tropical plants.
The art of aquascaping, in effect, gardening underwater is a passion for our team and our stunning scapes are created to inspire. With all the technical back up, latest trends and ideas on display we can walk you through creating naturalistic habitats for beautiful freshwater fish.
Keeping marine fish and live corals doesn’t have to be challenging. Our marine experts treat and condition all sustainably sourced livestock directly on site before presenting them in our display systems. Leading marine brands and cutting edge products make it possible to have your very own chunk of the ocean at home.
Fascinating lizards, snakes and chelonia as well as amazing amphibians are both interesting and rewarding choices of animals to care for. Promoting biohabitats for enrichment and care, our team can provide expertise and advice for choosing the correct animal and appropriate care.
Adding water to the garden has many benefits. Explore our naturalistic display pools and rills as well as contemporary water features ideal for all situations. Our beautiful pond fish and pond plant department covers all aspects for you to create a stunning natural oasis in your own home.
Natural diets, raw food and no grain is our mantra with our food ranges. We believe a naturalistic approach to what evolution chose for our pets is the best way to ensure excellent health and vitality. Explore The Dog Dept with exclusive ranges and selected products...all dogs are welcome!